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Retail and Bulk Sales and Warehousing Service


Located in Mirabel, ÉCONO-VRAC (MINI-CARRIERE JMJ CORBEIL INC) has been selling Fafard brand plant care and treatment products since 2009.

A wide choice of soil fertilizers and other products

We sell garden soil, cedar mulch, natural and granulated fertilizers, vermiculites, perlites, sphagnum moss and topsoil. Containing high levels of calcium, magnesium and potassium, our products help plants maintain a healthy growth throughout the year. Our products have been created using different elements, such as algae meal, peat moss, feather meal and dehydrated hen manure. In addition to agricultural products, we offer warehousing services.

Products with proven effectiveness

Fafard Product Mirabel Saint-Jérôme Sainte-Sophie
Fafard Product Mirabel Saint-Jérôme Sainte-Sophie

Why choose fafard products?

Since Fafard products contain a great source of nutrients that promote the growth and flowering, they are ideal for maintaining vegetable patches, flower boxes and flower beds. These products are known too also improve soil drainage and are, hence, a good choice for roses, herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Give the best to your garden! Choose Fafard brand products!

A beautiful garden all year round

What sets us apart from our competitors:

Delivery 7 days a week
Quality service
A vast selection of products

For all questions and suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by filling out the form below.

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